Using your Intuition

Using your Intuition

Do you ever wish that you'd gone with your 'gut feeling', your first thought or 'a hunch'? Our intuition is an important part of navigating life but it can become clouded by thinking too much and talking ourselves into an opinion with our mind chatter rather than going with our feeling. If we are stressed then it is more difficult to tune into our intuition so it's important to practise ways to relieve stress on a daily basis and bring us back to ourselves.

Taking time daily to quieten your mind though meditation or walking in nature can really help the connection with your intuition, plus making sure you get enough sleep and staying hydrated.

Intuition comes from our natural animal instinct, when we know something before it gets to our brain. Research from the HeatMath Institute in California show that a person's physiology will react to an image seconds before they actually see it with their eyes - they instinctively know that it is coming because they feel it with their heart! Whilst mainstream science cannot yet unravel this in the sense of the four dimensional space-time continuum it becomes easier to comprehend without the mental construct of time and space!

Your inner knowing may not always take you where you think you want to go but if you learn trust it you will discover that it knows what you actually want!

Make sure that you take some time to relax today...


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